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Key People

Team Vincit Omnia


At the helm of Vittoria Yachts are our President Paolo Duò and the CEO of the new division Michele Zorzenon. With them, the Commercial Manager Giancarlo Mussino and the fourth generation of the Duò family: Commercial Technicians Mattia and Alessandro and Communication Manager Filippo.

The technical and design skills of the Vittoria shipyard, with its hundred years of experience, will be at the complete disposal of Vittoria Yachts, complemented by our partnership with Engineer Mattia Polverari and, from Hydro Tec Engineer Sergio Cutolo.

“Over the years, we have faced many complicated challenges, always trying to raise the bar higher than ever before. A lot of things have changed since my grandfather Luigi first launched his wooden boats from the slipway, but what has never changed is our passion and our willpower to make our dreams a reality. Vittoria Yachts is one of our dreams that we have been carrying within us for many years, and finally the time has come to set sail for new seas, with the wind in our sails and a burning desire to bring the Vittoria experience to as many people as possible.

Paolo Duò

Paolo Duò


CLike all shipowners, I have been lucky enough to make my passion my profession. Epitomizing the phrase “born in a boat”, I have sailed the Adriatic with my grandparents since I was a young child, and now I sail with my own children. After years of experience managing shipyards, I found the Vittoria Shipyard, which perfectly combines the experience, reliability and history of the family that has owned it for a hundred years. Grounded in the desire of all ship owners to head out to sea while everyone else remains in port, that fateful day led to the birth of the Vittoria Yachts project, which embodies naval tradition, safety, innovation and comfort with the philosophy that life is like the sea, and that both of these must be respected.

Michele Zorzenon

Michele Zorzenon