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Two headquaters,
only one goal


Adria and Monfalcone

The headquarters of ADRIA

The Vittoria Shipyard is located in a strategic position near Venice and just a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea, which takes its name from Adria itself.

Our head office, in Adria, }, is located on the banks of the Canal Bianco, }, in an inlet that is ideal for the construction and subsequent positioning of boats in the water.

The first glimpse of the shipyard dates back to 1927 with a simple “slipway” on the opposite bank of the canal dedicated to constructingand repairing small wooden boats. At the end of the 1950s, to meet increased production demand, it was moved to its current location, which offers a lot more space.

Over the years, the site changed along with the market, adapting to technological developments, with the construction of a gantry crane known colloquially as a “bridge crane”, and a development of 22.000 m2, with 10.000 m covered by mobile hangars.This solution allowed for the production layout to be modified according to the work being carried out at the time, both internally and externally. Assembling blocks and finishing off boats takes place at the three seaports available in the area, which is where the units are finally launched from. All this was rounded off with a new office building, built in the early 2000s.

Over the years, the Shipyard has become a recognizable and familiar site for the locals of Adria, succeeding in an undertaking that few would have bet on: building prestigious boats inland, with all the physical limitations that entails. This was all thanks to the years of experience and skill of the Duò family and of the production department, which gives fame and credibility to the Vittoria name.

The headquarters of MONFALCONE

The company has plans to invest in a new naval center in the Monfalcone area, mainly dedicated to the completion of leisure yachts.

The investor’s intention will be to create an area dedicated to fitting interiors and adding finishing touches. The project will also include the completion of the superstructures of the ships built by the Vittoria Shipyard. The new area taken up by Monfalcone will cover 15.000 m2 of privately-owned land with a further 13.000 m2 of state-owned land.

The design involves a re-styling of the entire area constructing docks and building berths covered by hangars and increasing the shipyard’s capacity by constructing an additional hangar.

The whole area, in addition to constructing and adding the finishing touches to superyachts will be used for refitting ships and yachts up to 60 meters.

Vittoria Yachts will provide a wide range of refitting services, guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Our team guarantees a full service using cutting-edge technology to repair and renovate, breathing new life into the Yachts.