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Vittoria Experience

Made In Italy


Vittoria Experience is not simply a style: it is a passion for big projects, it is dedication and determination, and it is the beating heart of a family who serves ship owners.

Creativity, courage, determination and flexibility,are the keywords that encompass the unique experience guaranteed by Vittoria, a true journey with the customer at the helm, from the very first stages of building, to delivery and beyond.

Vittoria Experienceis a typical Made In Italy custom service.

Naval architects, engineers, project managers and designers combine their skills to create handcrafted and tailor-made designs, in which not only is the final destination important, but the entire journey, an exploration aimed at pushing the limits further and further, while maintaining high quality standards.

Our guiding principle is to accept challenges and never stop learning, always focusing on our ultimate goal: to satisfy the owner’s wishes.

We leave nothing to chance, from the materials used to the planning of the building work, in perfect harmony with cutting-edge technologies that allow us to create highly unique and immediately recognizableproducts.

Every Vittoria boat has something in common: an unrivaled quality, clearly noticeable from the first moment you step on board, that shows off the culmination of generations of craftsmanship constantly looking to the future.

We aspire for excellence in the marine world, offering an exclusive and memorable Experience and guaranteeing a comfortable dialogue with our customers.

We treasure our hundred years of shipbuilding experience, ensuring our customers are very well looked after, supported by our philosophy that we remain faithful to generation after generation.