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Our book: “The Art of Sailing Sea and Time”

Our book, “The Art of Sailing Sea and Time”, is finally out, published by Skira Editore. A work that celebrates our history, the history of our family, ninety-five years of ideas, passion, successes, changes and love for our work. The 159 pages retrace everything we have done, from 1927 to the present days, enriched by the exciting photos of Alessandro Puccinelli, capable of portraying the great Vittoria family with intensity.

Through the main vessels built, the book tells the story of four generations of the Duò family, who have run the company for nearly a century. From the wooden boats for the local fishermen to the most modern cruisers of the Italian Navy, not forgetting the water buses of Venice and the ships of the Italian Customs, the book brings together a mix of technical details, family anecdotes, and spectacular images.

The book also talks about the future of the Shipyard, which sees Vittoria’s naval know-how in the military sector put to use on a new project: Vittoria Yachts. Here the extreme attention to detail and the continuous quest for quality, developed over decades of military and civilian commissions, enable this new brand to immediately stand out in the global market for luxury yachts, creating innovative and unique vessels that always satisfy the owner’s requests and meet the highest standards of quality.

You can buy it exclusively on the Skira website. https://www.skira.net/books/cantiere-navale-vittoria/