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The shareholders’ meeting appoints Paolo Duò as the new President

Change at the helm of the Vittoria Shipyard.

The shareholders’ meeting of the Venetian company, which specializes in the design and construction of military, paramilitary, working, commercial and transport boats up to 100 meters long, has appointed Paolo Duò as the new President..

A former shareholder, production manager and project manager for countless orders, Paolo Duò takes over from Luigi Duò, who for 15 years has led the company, with over 67 million euros of production value, from 3 million and 400 thousand euros in 2019, and around 65 employees.

The choice was motivated by the board’s desire to ensure a turnover of leadership, while always keeping it in the family.

The shareholders include: Paolo Duò, President, Massimo Duò, Vice-president, Luigi Duò, Antonio Duò and Roberto Duò.

We will proudly continue the work carried out up to now by my cousin Luigi – states the new President Paolo DuòLI thank him for the commitment, dedication and passion with which he has led our family business over the years, helping it to become, thanks to his far-reaching foresight and the work of our technicians and workers, a national and international benchmark in military and civil shipbuilding. Although the historic period we are going through, due to the current health crisis, is particularly difficult, we are sure that we will continue the adventure that was embarked upon almost a century ago by our founder, sailing towards new challenges”.



Born in Adria in 1962, Paolo Duò, cousin of Luigi Duò, has been passionate about the nautical world and the art of shipbuilding since he was a child.
At just 18 years old, he started working in the family business, learning all of the details of each stage of the production process.
The experience he gained led him to become a production manager and project manager.
His numerous contacts with international customers in various countries around the world allowed him to manage the commercial sector together with his cousin Fabio.

Vittoria Shipyard

{5}The company, founded in Adria (Rovigo) in 1927 by the Duò family, designs and manufactures military, paramilitary working, commercial and transport boats up to 100 meters long, always meeting the highest quality standards, proven by its various certifications, including: ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems – Requirements), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) and ISO 3834-2 (Automatic and Manual Welding). Since its foundation, the Vittoria Shipyard has built over 870 ships, over the years gaining various contracts to build boats for the Italian Coast Guard, the Fire Brigade, the Guardia di Finanza and the Navy. The company has also gained many international contracts from Malta, Cyprus, Libya, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Algeria, Russia, Romania, Greece and Oman as well as several projects for some of the most important Oil and Gas transport and seafaring companies in Italy.