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One site, one family, one style

The new brand of luxury boats, Vittoria Yachts, draws on a hundred years of experience in military and civil shipbuilding.

The first project is the 50-meter Explorer yacht, designed by Hydro Tec

Adria (Ro), 20 October 2020

The Duò family with their hundred years of experience in military, paramilitary and civil shipbuilding, has ventured into the luxury boat sector. The Vittoria Shipyard has launched Vittoria Yachts, the new division, dedicated to designing and building yachts, able to draw on the production capacity and know how developed over almost a century of business experience, adding over 870 units to the new market segment of luxury yachting.

Leading Vittoria Yachts on their journey are Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyard, and Michele Zorzenon, Managing Director.

They are joined by the fourth generation of the Duò family, who since 1927 has been at the helm of the Venetian company, now an established industry player in Italy and an international benchmark in shipbuilding.

Vittoria Yachts presents three product lines: Explorer, Support Vessel and Custom Vittoria.

Engineer Sergio Cutolo, of Hydro Tec has partnered with Vittoria Yachts to design the Explorer yacht line of luxury boats, which boast certain characteristics inspired by military vessels. For example, they can sail for long periods of time in any marine weather conditions, they are equipped with fully automated cruising capabilities and they are environmentally friendly.

The Support Vessel, line is the culmination of years of experience in producing dozens of coastal patrol vessels, diving vessels and supply vessels that sail in the Mediterranean. It was created in collaboration with engineer Mattia Polverari, who packs cutting-edge technology into solid and durable structures to provide unyielding support to modern gigayachts.

Explorer – Bow Sprit

The result is the creation of elegant, high-performance boats able to guarantee maximum comfort on board.

The Custom Vittoria: } line rounds off the portfolio: the aesthetics and shape of these tailor-made boats are highly customization, thanks to their original and unique design.

Currently being built is a 26-meter boat that fully embodies Vittoria’s shipbuilding philosophy, being an ideal bridge between military sector experience and creativity applied to yachting.

The first preliminary design projectput forward by Vittoria Yachts and designed by Hydro Tec is the Bow Sprit della linea Explorer lungo poco più di 50 metri e con una stazza al limite delle 500 Grosse Tonnage. Pensato per lunghe navigazioni e per il charter, il Bow Sprit si distingue per la caratteristica delfiniera di prua che dà il nome al progetto.

Sporting strong lines and a profile reminiscent of a fishing boat, with diagonal extensions to the rub rails along the sides, usually typical of working boats, the yacht offers uniquely distributed open spaces that can be easily converted according to your need at any given time.

Its design includes a large swimming pool located at the aft end of the yacht, which is the centerpiece of the “Beach Club” area, as well as a second swimming pool located on the top deck, for entertaining guests during long voyages, and a large “crow’s nest”, located above the Hard Top for 360-degree views.

The layout includes 5 or 6 cabins, leaving ample space for the crew quarters, which can accommodate 8 crew members plus the captain.

The tender is housed in a bay below deck with a side door for launch, a design solution which provides even more effective insulation between the guest cabins and the engine room.

A unique aspect of the layout is that the tenders are positioned amidships on the lower deck, which can be accessed by stairs on both sides of the main deck.

The spaces are intended to be used as a “winter garden” that can be opened or closed with sliding glass panels. The wheelhouse is designed with a “walk-around” console with a sofa in front, to allow guests to take in all of the views.

The sun deck offers guests an array of facilities to enjoy while socializing, and a second swimming pool is topped by a crow’s nest, or observation deck.

Powered by MTU 16V2000M61 engines, the yacht can reach a top speed of 16 knots, a cruising speed of 14 knots and a range of more than 6000 nanometers at an economical speed of 10 knots.

Vittoria Shipyard – Adria (Ro)

Vittoria Yachts represents a new and important milestone for our company – declares Paolo Duò, President of the Vittoria Shipyardthanks to the results achieved and the national and international awards won over almost a hundred years of commitment and dedication to supplying boats for the Coast Guard, Fire Brigade, Guardia di Finanza and Navy of our country, and the numerous international orders from countries such as Malta, Cyprus, Libya, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Algeria, Russia and Romania, just to name a few examples. We have decided to invest in luxury, guaranteeing that we will maintain the same high-quality standards and the same ability to combine innovation and artisan tradition.

For this new challenge, we have decided to extend our presence beyond the standard scope. We are, in fact, working – concludes Duò -on creating a new production hub in Monfalcone dedicated mainly to finishing off yachts, which will open in 2021.”

The new Monfalcone hub covers approximately 20.000 m2 of privately-owned land and a further 13.000 m2 of state-owned land and is responsible for the fitting-out, delivery and winter servicing of the yachts, as well as finishing off all of the units built by the Vittoria Shipyard.

The design involves a re-styling of the entire area, constructing docks and building berths covered by hangars and increasing the shipyard’s capacity by constructing an additional hangar.

The whole area, in addition to constructing and adding the finishing touches to superyachts, will be used for refitting ships and yachts up to 70 meters.

Casa Vittoria’s military and paramilitary boats have technical specifications that equal or even exceed those of most superyachts,” – says Michele Zorzenon, Managing Director of Vittoria Yachts – “With our long history, our skills and important investments in research and development, together with our facilities, we felt that the time had come to transfer all our expertise and professionalism into yacht building.

The new brand will have its own strong personality and we are sure that, thanks also to recognized and valuable partners, it will succeed in offering tailor-made solutions to meet the desires of all our customers”.