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Vittoria Yachts presents Veloce 32 RPH

With the project for a new fleet of yachts designed by Hydro Tec underway, Vittoria Yacht’s division will debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021

Vittoria Yachts has welcomed a brand new division, Veloce 32 Rised Pilot House, dedicated to the design and construction of yachts at the Adria naval shipyard, that fully embodies the brand’s spirit and style: a typical Mediterranean ship, inspired by fast patrol vessels, designed for speed but also for long journeys at sea. As its name suggests, it has a fierce and contemporary style.

The company is staging its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2021 with Veloce and its other three Yacht divisions, scheduled from September 7 to 12, 2021.

Designed and constructed by Hydro Tec engineer Sergio Cutolo, Veloce 32 RPH has been created for ship owners who want to experience their vessel to the full all year round with high quality navigation guaranteed, thanks to its impressive performance at any speed. The vertical bow, combined with the unique lines of the hull, give the boat its characteristic style, while allowing for plenty of space in the lower deck area. The gunwale is raised up, both to make the bow and ship’s sides look more masculine and imposing, and to help create a more private and contained environment.

The sundeck canopy protrudes towards the stern to make the area more enclosed, meaning the boat can be enjoyed in all seasons, not just in summer. Veloce has plenty of large open spaces and a spacious bedroom on the main deck. The wide open decking and balcony that lead out from the dining area allow for plenty of ventilation and enhance the feeling of being out in the open air. The wheelhouse is deliberately low-profile, with windshields featuring a unique reverse profile. This is a testimony to the Vittoria Shipyard’s traditional construction and their know-how gained, in particular, over many years of constructing lifeboats. The area has perfect visibility, aided by the modern technology installed at the bridge.

32 meters long, 7.20 meters of a maximum beam, with a semi displacement hull, Veloce can reach a maximum speed of 20 knots.

The Veloce’s interior is designed to be light, fresh, and modern with flush connections to the exterior spaces. This has been achieved by incorporating seamless sliding doors on the main deck which pack away completely to leave the views from the dining to the aft cockpit uninterrupted.

All the guest areas have been designed with large view framing windows which are enhanced and defined by curved accents that run throughout the yacht.

“We are proud to present, just a few months after embarking on this challenge, our fourth division. The Veloce project,” explains Michele Zorzenon, CEO of Vittoria Yachts, “originates from a eureka moment at the pier: combining speed with high-quality materials. We then developed the idea with a key industrial partner, thanks to the invaluable collaboration of Sergio Cutolo and Hydro Tec, who took care of the design process, including of the ship’s interior. We will start building Veloce from next October, but we will be presenting the design to the public at the biggest boat show in European waters, the Cannes Yachting Festival.

“Veloce is the culmination of all the experience gained by the Vittoria Shipyard in meeting construction challenges in the military and paramilitary sectors,” comments Mattia Duò, sales engineer for Vittoria Yachts. “We have invested all our skills into this project and we have tried to reinterpret the concepts of leisure and travel, adapting them to yachting: safety, comfort, efficiency and innovation, aspects of the boats that have served, and continue to serve, the biggest national and international navies and military corps”.

“We set sail from Cannes with a new and exciting adventure. With this project,” explains Filippo Rossi, Vittoria Yachts’ new marketing and sales development manager, “we intend to cater to ship owners who want to progress to a higher quality of navigation, thanks to a vessel built with premium construction materials, while at the same time one that is able to maintain impressively high speeds. “

Among the innovations that Vittoria Yachts will present at the prestigious international boat show, they will also be announcing their partnership with the renowned furniture brand Poltrona Frau.

“Starting from the upcoming divisions of Yachts,” continues Rossi, “Frau will be providing Vittoria with some furnishings, from exterior and interior areas, through to the finer details and finishes. This famous Italian brand will now be associated with the new Yacht division of a Shipyard that is just as prestigious. We are proud of this fantastic Made in Italy partnership. We are always hard at work creating unique, tailor-made products, to satisfy all ship owners’ requests and desires”.